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Dining at Shiretoko Serai

You will be offered the meals made from the ingredients made in Hokkaido and taken from the sea.
The first floor in building A is set as a dining space, and can be used by everyone, not limited to those who are staying overnight at Shiertoko Serai. You are welcome to enjoy with your travel story and local delicious meals.

Chef’s Commitment and Specialties

Fresh Seafood

With the depth of the Nemuro Strait stretching over 2,000 meters at its deepest point, more than 50 kinds of fish, including deep-sea fish can be caught there. We select the best seasonal fish from the market and prepare them in the freshest condition. We also use high-grade Rausu kombu for our sauces and dashi broths, to offer guests the true "umami" of the Rausu sea.

Ingredients of Hokkaido

There are abundant food resources in Hokkaido, such as seafood and vegetables. Most of the ingredients we use are locally sourced, including the flour for our homemade bread, wild game meat like venison, and cheese, which are all selected from those produced in eastern Hokkaido. Our signature smoked dishes at Shiretoko Serai are smoked in-house and served to make the most of the natural flavor of the ingredients.

About the dining

Dinner / 18:00 - 20:00

If you are staying here with a half-board meal plan, your dinner will be our original multi-course western meal.
We will be preparing various seasonal dishes using local seafood and ingredients from Rausu and Hokkaido.

Additional menu
In addition to the standard dinner, additional dishes can be arranged.
Please make a reservation in advance.

Ibara Crab [All year]
A rare crab found in the Nemuro Strait.
Half the crab is just enough for two people to share.

・Full(2~3Kg)12,000 yen - 16,000 yen 
・Half(1~2kg)6,000 yen - 8,000 yen

Botan Spot Prawns [From mid-July to September]
Botan spot prawn shabu-shabu will be served during summer.
Enjoy the prawns both boiled and raw.

・Spot Prawns Shabu-Shabu (Hot pot) : 3,000 yen

Kinki Fish [All year]
Kinki fish is known to be the most expensive fish in Shiretoko and is remarkably fatty among other fish.
Enjoy it simmered or dried, depending on your preference.
2,500 yen - 4,500 yen per fish

Breakfast / 07:00~09:00

A buffet-style breakfast featuring homemade bread made with Hokkaido wheat, grilled local fish, and more. Savor the small, yet delicious selection of dishes, while enjoying the morning sun shining through the large dining room windows.


  • Beer

    Draft Sapporo Classic  …¥715


  • Otokoyama (Ashahikawa)…¥825 
    Kitano Katsu (Nemuro)…¥660


  • Red wine(GLASS/BOTTLE) …¥715~ / ¥3850~
  • White wine(GLASS/BOTTLE) …¥715~ / ¥3850~
    ※We have collection of varieties of red and white wine.


  • Japanese Yoichi…¥990


    • Haskap Sour  …¥660
      Lime Sour  …¥660
      Gin and Tonic  …¥660
      Soft Drinks  …¥385~


Based on your need and interest, we can prepare set meal plan for you. You are most welcomed, if you want to use our restaurant for your party or events. Please contact in advance for parties of events.